Healthy Living Campus planning has been a multi-year endeavor. The proposed project has undergone two major revisions based on community feedback and input from expert structural and financial consultants.


2017 Initial Concept

  • 2017 Initial Concept (V1) featured the addition of buildings with renovations to the existing hospital building.
  • 2017 Revised Initial Concept (V2 and V3) featured changes to the orientation and height of the structures based on community feedback.
  • What we heard about the 2017 concept: concerns about density, reduce building heights, minimize impacts, add more green space and accessibility, integrate with community, create gathering spaces and intergenerational uses.
2017 Plan Outdated

2019 Master Plan Concept

  • After learning more about structural issues with the 514 building, BCHD took a broader look at the campus with a Master Plan approach.
  • The 2019 Master Plan featured a whole-campus redesign with demolition of the 514 building, added 420 Residential Care for the Elderly units, a Community Wellness Pavilion and maximized open space.
  • What we heard about the 2019 concept: reduce RCFE units, move
    buildings away from eastern edge/Torrance homes, decrease construction time, concerns over Flagler Ln. traffic, environmental impacts and building orientation.
2019 Plan Outdated

2020 Master Plan Concept

  • The 2020 proposed plan was analyzed in the Environmental
    Impact Report, which
    • Shortens construction time from nine to five years (in two phases instead of three),
    • Reduces Residential Care for the Elderly (RCFE) units from 420 to 217, and
    • Phase 1 includes a youth wellness center, Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), RCFE and approximately 2.5 acres of open space.
    • Phase 2 includes an aquatics center, Community Wellness Pavilion and Center for Health & Fitness.
2020 Plan