Beach Cities Health District (BCHD) is in the planning and design stages of creating a Healthy Living Campus on the District’s Redondo Beach property located at 514 North Prospect Avenue. When completed, the 11-acre site will be a hub of well-being that serves and connects Beach Cities residents – ranging from children and families to adults and older adults – with abundant health and wellness services, programs and facilities, including:

  • Community Wellness Pavilion:
    • Flexible presentation and community meeting spaces for conferences, workshops, trainings, events, Moais and support groups 
    • Demonstration kitchen and garden for cooking classes and nutrition demonstrations
    • Rooftop gathering spaces for exercise classes, mindfulness practice and small events
    • Blue Zones Café
    • Learning/visitor center for health resources and interactive education
    • BCHD’s Community Services
  • Residential Care for the Elderly (RCFE)
  • Modern community exercise center - Center for Health & Fitness
  • Acres of asphalt replaced with active green/gathering space for community uses like fitness events, farmer’s markets and community workshops
  • Protected bike lane along Flagler and Diamond streets



BCHD Site Map